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Hello there. If you're looking at my livejournal, I'm going to assume that you're charming and lovely, and therefore welcome you with open arms.  

Now, you charming and lovely person, I'm going to tell you a story. Once upon a time, I was frozenmolasses, but then, um, I got really shoddy about updating and commenting and decided to make a different livejournal so that I could have a new start. The end.

All my old fic can be found there. Some of it is shit and some of it I quite like, but you'll have to see for yourself, if you're so inclined. All future entries will be here, at youremyqueen. Feel free to comment on this entry if you'd like to friend me. Odds are, unless you're highly suspicious and/or unnerving (and even then), I will friend you back. Be warned, though, I'm awful about keeping up with friends' updates, and all my fic, picspams, etc. will be public. My mindless ramblings will probably be the only things locked, and those are usually few and far between.

Oh, and the title of this entry is from a softer world, the most wonderful thing in the universe.

My fic can be found here at AO3, and the majority of my ridiculous squeeing can be found here at tumblr. Cheers, lovelies!
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01 January 2014 @ 03:03 pm
(this is already a month late but i've been keeping track of everything, so. /shrugs.)

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So, got_exchange time. The flawfree lainemontgomery wrote me a glorious Jaime/Cersei fic that you should all go read right now if you have a heart or a soul or any gunk like that. I mean, it's CROSSDRESSING FIC. And I wrote Jon/Stannis (aadghsdjsgjh I really don't know how, it was super difficult?) with a side-helping of Theon because I am so predictable it hurts.

Title: Where the Heart Has Been
Author: youremyqueen
Pairings/Characters: Jon/Stannis, Theon, Melisandre.
Rating: R
Words: ~5,000
Warnings: Spoilers through ADWD.
Prompt: Jon/Stannis, going home.
Summary: Sometimes Jon thinks he'd died out in the snows.

here and at ao3.
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28 December 2012 @ 04:50 am
First off, Merry Christmas/your preferred holiday greeting, yo. Second, I really, really need to reply to some people (aka reparture, BB I AM SORRY I AM THE WORST) but then Christmas happened and apparently these are like the two weeks of the year where I am actually busy? So I have been slacking on all fandom fronts, aside from a few quick comments here and there.

Third, and the actual point of this post, is my 2012 FIC MASTERLIST, omg. I know it's probably weird to make a yearly fic post instead of, like, a complete masterlist for all the years, but I'm basically ashamed of everything I wrote before this year (which is how I feel every yeah, tbqh) and every time I try to put any of it on a list I get all depressed, like WHY CAN'T I WORDS? So, this is all the fic I've written this year. Spoiler alert: it's a metric fuck-ton.

I don't actually know how I produced this much writing this year? Plus 50k for NaNoWriMo and 40k of a not-yet-posted WIP long-fic that I started in September. This list actually looks bigger than it is, though, because in actuality, most of these are comment fics and about half of them are under 1,000 words. But then there are some that are 10k and 30k and idek, man, I am super inconsistent. Just in case you were wondering, NO I HAVE ABSOLUTELY ZERO LIFE THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST. ahem.

there are like, 50-something fics here. I can't decide if I'm proud or kind of embarressed?Collapse )

I'm flirting with the idea of making a books read in 2012 post, because I have a list somewhere, but it's not very long (like 32 or 33?) because a good amount of the novel-length things I read this year were of the fanfiction variety, and I didn't actually write any of those down. Though I did bookmarks some? idk, man, it feels weird to combine them, but some of the fic was of publishable quality so that's got to count for something.

Anyway, I'll get back to anybody I need to get back to in like the next week or so? love, etc.
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title: the (love) letter of the law
for: margottenenbaum
fandom: a song of ice and fire.
characters/pairings: sansa/margaery.
rating: pg.
word count: ~700.
prompt: modern or different era au.
summary: Sansa breaks rules these days. (1920's!au)
notes: as much as I love modern aus, as soon as I saw 'different era' my mind went straight to PROHIBITION and FLAPPERS. so, then this happened. warning for abuse of slang, maybe? i do hope you like it, bb!

sansa's bobbed her hair and bought dresses that fall above her knees and shoes with heels too high by miles.Collapse )
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19 December 2012 @ 01:23 pm
title: you've got the salt and i've got the wound
for: scorpiod1
fandom: teen wolf.
characters/pairings: erica/allison.
rating: pg-13.
prompt: say say, my playmate, won't you lay your hands on me; baby doll, I recognize, you're a hideous thing inside.
word count: ~620.
summary: "What's a girl like you doing in a place like this?"
notes: THIS PAIRING. I think I went rather off-prompt, but IDEC, because if I liked this pairing before, I've fallen into loving it now. Thank you for this prompt, and I hope you enjoy!

erica's got claws and she knows how to use them.Collapse )
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title: enough's always enough
for: lesoleilluna
fandom: skins.
characters/pairings: tony/cassie.
rating: r.
word count: ~570.
prompt: take me disappearin' through the smoke rings of my mind. 
summary: Cass always has the best drugs.
notes: oh gosh, this turned out rather darker than I meant it to, but I mean CASSIE. Anyway, I hope you like it, babe! title is from a passion pit song.

Tony can never decide if she's terrible at sex, or very, very good at it.Collapse )
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I hate posting twice in a row, but I didn't want to clutter up my gift-fic post, and this is a really, really good idea for a ficathon, so.

my thread
17 December 2012 @ 01:32 pm
title: look
for: aragorn
fandom: teen wolf.
characters/pairings: stiles, scott/isaac.
rating: pg-13.
word count: ~520.
prompt: post series 2. stiles notices the two of them getting closer and gets jealous.
summary: It's not that Stiles dislikes Isaac. Not really. It's just that Isaac's sort of a slimy, wannabe creep.
notes: I AM SORRY I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STILES. I tried but I really have no practice at him so forgive me if it's not up to snuff. That aside, I do hope you like it! This officially marks my first ever non-Lydia centered TW fic, so huzzah!

people don't look at their friends that way.Collapse )
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title: we've got days and days to go
for: portions_forfox
fandom: skins.
characters/pairings: effy/pandora.
rating: pg.
word count: ~470.
prompt: anything.
summary: "I think we should fall in love," Effy tells her once.
notes: God, I love this pairing. I am swimming in love for this pairing and I really don't know what to do about it. Also, swimming in love for you, bb, and I hope you enjoy!

Pandora's got freckles on her back.Collapse )